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DNA-modifying and Related Proteins
Various enzymes acting on DNA, such as phosphatases, pyrophosphatases, kinases and transcription factors.

  • Endocyclase N15  
    Endocyclase N15 (Protelomerase N15) catalyzes the formation of covalent links between complementary 5'‑ and 3'‑ ends (clamps DNA strands together) and forms exonuclease-protected hairpin ends at specific double-stranded DNA recognition sites.

  • Rec A Protein ( E.coli )  
    Bacterial recombination protein, enhances interaction and exchange of homologous DNA strands; for RARE cleavage.

  • SV40 Large Antigen  
    Initiates chromosomal DNA replication in mammalian cells in-vitro, acts as molecular chaperone. Helicase activity is present.

  • SV40 DNA Replication Assay Kit  
    In-vitro kit for the investigation of human DNA replication, mechanisms of cell transformation, tumor formation and regulation of eucaryotic genes.

  • T4 Polynucleotide Kinase  
    Catalyzes the phosphorylation of 5 hydroxyl termini of ds-/ss-DNA or RNA, for end-labelling reactions.

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