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Reverse transcriptases, ligases, proteases, restriction enzymes and more enzymes for general application in molecular biological research.

Application Packages

Enzymes and optimally adjusted chemicals for performing dedicated molecular biological tasks with maximum performance.

DNA-modifying and Related Proteins

Various enzymes acting on DNA, such as phosphatases, pyrophosphatases, kinases and transcription factors.


Ligation of DNA, linkers and adapters to free end of DNA molecules.


For application in selective nucleic acid digestion reactions.


Non-thermostable nucleic acid polymerases.


Proteases and protein ligases.

Restriction Endonucleases

Blunt- and sticky end cleaving restriction endonucleases acting on dsDNA.

Reverse Transcriptases

RNA dependent DNA polymerases of viral and bacterial origin. Used for reverse transcription of RNA to DNA.

Special Purpose Enzymes & Reagents

Enzymes and reagents for special applications, such as BSA, ribonuclease inhibitor and DNA / RNA co-precipitate.