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Non-thermostable nucleic acid polymerases.

  • Bst DNA Polymerase (Large Fragment, exo-)  
    Moderately thermostable, exonuclease free large fragment of Bst DNA Polymerase with strand displacement activity. Suitable for isothermal DNA amplification methods.

  • DNA Polymerase Alpha (Human)  
    Recombinant. Human DNA polymerase Alpha exhibits both DNA polymerase and primase activities. Used for drug toxicity testing.

  • Klenow Fragment  
    E. coli DNA polymerase, large fragment, retaining polymerase and proofreading 3'→5 exonuclease activities, for second strand synthesis.

  • Klenow Fragment exo-  
    E. coli DNA polymerase, large fragment, lacks exonuclease activities, used for second strand synthesis, 3'-end labeling and filling in 5'-protruding sticky ends.

  • Poly (A) Polymerase  
    Adds poly (A) tails to the 3'-hydroxyl termini of RNA; suitable for 3'-end labelling of RNA.

  • T4 DNA Polymerase  
    For blunt end generation, single strand deletion subcloning and second strand synthesis in site-directed mutagenesis.

  • T7 RNA Polymerase  
    For the preparation of single-stranded RNA transcripts from DNA containing a T7 recognition sequence.

  • T7 Transcription Kit  
    Contains a modified T7 RNA Polymerase and a complete set set of optimally adjusted reagents for maximum performance.

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