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Bacterial & Yeast Genomic DNA Kit

Extraction and purification of genomic DNA from Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and from diverse yeast species.
Enzymatic lysis.

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50 prepsE3580-0180.00
150 prepsE3580-02225.00

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Quality Characteristics
  • Genomic DNA extraction from various phylogenetically different gram positive and gram negative bacterial species (e.g. environmental isolates) and from yeasts.
  • Enables co-purification of long yeast plasmids (>=10 kb).
  • Can be used in combination with specific cell-wall degrading enzymes (e.g. zymolase and lyticase for yeast cells, lysostaphin for staphylococci, etc.).
  • Long term column and buffer storage without loss of quality enabled.

Note: The former Bacterial Gram+/- Genomic DNA Kit has been merged with the former Yeast DNA Kit (E3590-01). Advantage for users: For the price of the former Bacterial Gram+/- Genomic DNA, users gain the option for additional yeast genomic DNA extraction without having to purchase a separate kit for this purpose.

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