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XELEX RNA Core Kit - Selection Unit

Core components for SELEX - RNA aptamer selections. Contains libraries, RNA and DNA spin columns as well as further required components for in-vitro selection of RNA aptamers and for intercycle library regeneration.

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50 selectionsE3660-01365.00

 Detailed Reference Manual (English Version Only)

The XELEX Kit series is a modular kit system covering a highly optimized version of the entire SELEX work-flow. It consists of a core kit and several add-on packages which add functionality for individual adjustment of the selection process to experimental requirements.

The → RNA aptamer selection unit covers the entire range of the actual SELEX enrichment and aptamer selection procedure from random oligonucleotide libraries. Since library enrichment is assessed and measured on DNA level, the kit can be used in conjunction with the → analysis unit of the DNA aptamer kit. The latter deals with all issues related to quality control and initial characterization of both, the enriched libraries as well as of those aptamers identified as good binders.

Additionally required components:

For generation of nuclease-resistant RNA aptamers, the researcher may freely choose his/her favorite NTP modification. Consequently, the RNA XeleX Core kit kit does not ship with T7 RNA Polymerase and NTPs for in vitro transcription. Thus, separate purchase of a suitable T7 transcription kit is mandatory.

We recommend to use the → Apt-Get T7 RNA Transcription Kit for in-vitro generation of RNase resistant RNAs. The Apt-Get T7 RNA Transcription Kit contains 2'-fluoro-pyrimidines for synthesis of RNA molecules with enhanced resistance against RNase degradation in a hostile environment. This particular T7 transcription kit was developed and thoroughly tested together with the XeleX RNA Core Kit. It is known to be fully compatible to all included components, most notably to all enzymes contained within the XeleX kit.

Currently, we offer the following T7 in vitro transcription kits, both compatible with the XeleX RNA Core Kit: Note: The RNA aptamer must be selected with the NTP modification of choice, since the NTP modification influences secondary structure and thus alters the binding properties of RNA molecules. It is not possible to first select RNA aptamers for a certain target by using non-modified NTPs and then exchange non-modified NTP positions by modified NTPs within the selected aptamer. Doing so will inevitably result in altered binding properties of the modified RNA aptamer.

For further required components see manual.

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