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Columns for DNA Purification

Extra columns for selected DNA extraction & purification systems.

Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in €
25 prepsE0330-0122.00
100 prepsE0330-0277.00

  • While ordering, please indicate the catalog number of the according DNA Purification System. For online orders, use the field "Accompanying Requests" in the shopping cart's "Your Order Preview" view, which will be visible immediately before placing the order.
  • Please make sure to have sufficient amount of suitable buffers at hand, to prevent nucleic acids being stuck to kit columns somewhere in the middle of the extraction procedure, while not having sufficient amounts of buffer within reach to continue with further sample processing.
  • Please do not use new columns with residual buffers, unless you have a good reason to do so. By intention, all DNA kits are shipped with excess buffer amounts (overprovisioning), to ensure that enough buffer is available for sample processing. For good laboratory practice, it is recommended to discard excess buffers, as soon as all kit columns are used and the kit is finished. Always start with the new, fresh buffer set which has shipped with the new, freshly opened kit. Don't feel tempted to store any remaining, excess buffers from already consumed kits. If in doubt, better discard the old, residual buffer set and order a new, complete and fresh kit.