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Color Taq Master Mix

Top quality Taq DNA Polymerase master mix.
  • General & diagnostic PCR.
  • No "proofreading".
  • Convenient, stable master mix.
  • Mix supplemented with two tracer dyes for direct gel loading.

Detailed product description
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Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in €
100 reactions
(100 x 50 μl)
200 reactions
(200 x 50 μl)
500 reactions
(500 x 50 μl)

Figure 1: Color Taq PCR Master Mix - Package Contents
  • Color Taq PCR Master Mix [2x]
    (1.5 mM MgCl2 final conc.; includes dye mix for direct gel loading)
  • PCR Grade Water (Nuclease Free)
25 mM MgCl2 solution for fine tuning of Mg++ ion concentration can be included upon customer's request. If required, please ask us to ship this component along with your order.

  • All-Purpose Master Mix: 2x PCR Master Mix complete with optimized reaction buffer, high quality dNTPs and two PCR-inert gel loading dyes.
  • Additional Package Contents: Plus PCR pure water provided in separate tubes.
  • High Quality: Same high enzyme purity and enzymatic activity as → Taq DNA Polymerase [Cat No. E2500]).
  • Strict Quality Control: Same stringent quality control as specified for → Taq DNA Polymerase [Cat No. E2500]).
  • Optimized for Advanced Standardization Levels: Minimizes pipetting errors: Warrants high reproducibility for critical PCR assays.
  • Continuous Reproducibility: Stable, reproducible high performance for more than 25 freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Free of Contaminating DNA: No residual PCR-amplificable DNA present, as tested with many different amplification targets (including bacterial 16S rRNA genes).
  • No false positives.
  • Careful and Elaborate Purification: High purity and enzymatic activity as a result of thorough but careful and gentle enzyme purification.
  • Enzyme Properties: Intrinsic exonuclease activities: 5'-3' present, 3'-5' none. No proofreading activity.
  • Cloning: Enables both TA- and blunt end cloning.
  • Also available as: → Taq DNA Polymerase (Non - Master Mix) [Cat No. E2500]) and as → non colored Taq PCR Master Mix [Cat No. E2520]). .
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