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Fast Probe qPCR Master Mix plus ROX

Sensitive, high precision fast qPCR master mix for probe-based quantitative real-time PCR and two-step RT-qPCR. Plus separate UNG, PCR water and ROX.

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Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in € Rebate[Percent] Special Price in €
100 reactions
(100 x 25 μl)
200 reactions
(200 x 25 μl)
1.000 reactions
(1000 x 25 μl)

Application Example

Figure 1: Performance comparison between EURx Probe qPCR Master Mix (2x) and Fast Probe qPCR Master Mix (2x). Fluorescent probe based real-time PCR was performed by using primers and a FAM-labeled probe specific for TUBB (beta-tubulin). Both, Fast Probe and “Standard” Probe qPCR reactions were performed by a 2-step cycling protocol. Extension time was 30 sec for Fast Probe, and 60 sec for “Standard” Probe qPCR reactions, resulting in a 40% time saving for Fast Probe vs. “Standard” Probe qPCR reactions.

Reactions were run in duplicate using human leukocyte cDNA (10 ng and 0.2 ng) as template, respectively. CT of reactions with equivalent cDNA template concentrations were very similar, respectively, and differed by max. 0.5 between Fast Probe qPCR and “Standard” Probe qPCR assays. For each corresponding reaction, duplicates showed near identical amplification plots. Thus, for each template concentration, amplification plots for one of both duplicates is displayed, respectively. A ~90% PCR efficiency was measured in all assays.

Probe qPCR Master Mix (2x) - Package Contents Optionally supplied, if needed:
  • 25 mM MgCl2 solution. If required, please request this component along with your order.
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