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M3 Multiplex Master Mix - PCR

"Hot Start" Taq DNA polymerase, MAB inhibited.
  • Multiplex PCR optimized (many targets per assay).
  • No "proofreading".
  • Convenient, stable master mix.
  • Contains separate, optional Color Load solution for direct gel loading.

Detailed product description
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Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in €
50 reactions
(50 x 50 μl)
100 reactions
(100 x 50 μl)

Application Examples

Figure 1: Simultaneous multiplex PCR amplification of 11 bands with six different primer pairs on human genomic DNA. One primer per each pair carries a fluorescent label. Amplification targets: Sex marker amelogenin and five STRs.
  • FAM (blue): D3S1358, D21S11,
  • TET (green): Amelogenin, D7S820,
  • HEX (yellow): D5S818, TPOX.
Reaction parameters:
- 20 µl reaction volume, 5 ng human DNA, 0.2 µM each primer.
- PCR cycler program: 95°C, 5 min - 28 x ( 94°C, 30 s | 58°C, 90 s | 72°C, 30s ) - 60°C, 30 min.
- Analysis instrument: ABI PRISM 310 Genetic Analyzer.

Figure 2: Multiplex PCR amplification using six primer pairs (including 2 primer pairs for vWA and D21S11 STRs) and human genomic DNA. Detection by agarose gel analysis.

Reaction parameters:
- 20 µl reaction volume, 10 ng human DNA , 0.2 µM each primer.
- PCR cycler program: 95°C, 5 min - 35 x ( 94°C, 30 s | 58°C, 90 s | 72°C, 90s ) - 68°C, 7 min

Multiplex PCR Master Mix (2x) - Package Contents
  • Multiplex PCR Master Mix (2x)
  • PCR Water (Nuclease Free)
  • 10x Color Load (Optinal reaction component: Coloured reaction buffer, for direct gel loading)
    Optionally supplied, if needed:
  • 25 mM MgCl2 solution. If required, please request this component along with your order.
Additional Resources

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