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Fast SG qPCR Master Mix plus ROX

Sensitive, high precision fast qPCR master mix for quantitative real-time PCR and two-step RT-qPCR. For dedicated fast cycling machines. Plus 10x ROX solution.

Detailed product description
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Quantity Package Cat-No. Price in € Rebate[Percent] Special Price in €
100 reactions (25 μl)E0412-0151.002040.80
200 reactions (25 μl)E0412-0297.002077.60
1.000 reactions (25 μl)E0412-03445.0020356.00

Application Example

Figure 1: Comparison of (1) Fast SG qPCR Master Mix (duplicates with blue colored curves) to (2) SG qPCR Master Mix (a non-fast master mix; green colored duplicates) and to (3) a dedicated fast qPCR master mix from a renowned competitor with an "established brand, high quality, pronounced high price" sales strategy (red and orange colored duplicates). Fast qPCR conditions were chosen for qPCR amplification ( 40x [96C - 5 s, 64C - 10 s, 72C - 20 s] ).
RNA was isolated from a pancreatic carcinoma cell line, originating from rat strain DSL-101-79 ("Lewis rat"). Primer pair: rHMBS_LC_SE (5'-AGC CAA GGA CCA GGA TAT CT-3'), rHMBS_LC_AS (5'-AGT CAG GTA CAG TTG CCC AT-3'). Primers are specific for hydroxymethylbilane synthase, a housekeeping gene.
Under fast qPCR conditions, Fast SG qPCR Master Mix reaches amplification threshold more than 1 Ct value earlier as compared to (2) and (3). Note, that only a comparison of Ct-values, not of absolute fluorescence values reached during the amplification plateau phase, allows to draw valid conclusions of qPCR assay sensitivity (as long as routine quality controls, e.g. melting curve analysis or post-qPCR agarose gel electrophoresis, do not hint at non-specific amplification artifacts).

Fast SG qPCR Master Mix (2x) plus ROX Solution - Package Contents
  • 2x Master Mix containing
  • Uracil-N-Glycosylase,
  • H2O, PCR grade,
  • 10X ROX solution.

Optionally supplied, if needed:
  • 25 mM MgCl2 solution. If required, please request this component along with your order.

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